Shelby Cobra Gets A New Ford FE Big Block Motor!

Shelby Cobra Receives 402 Big Block Ponies

Shelby CobraDaCobraman decided it was time for his Shelby Cobra to receive a brand new motor. Get rid of that old tired motor and upgrade to a new “Tuff Dawg” Ford FE 390/402hp crate motor with 450 pounds of tire roasting torque. One of the big motivating factors to doing this engine upgrade was that DaCobraman wanted to know exactly what his motor would be producing horsepower wise and what type of torque that the motor would be creating.  And that is how the Shelby Cobra engine swap dream started for DaCobraman.

Shelby CobraIt goes something like this, you been around the block a few times in a really fast car and everyone tells you that it has 400 horsepower. And you are like, “Really, that does not feel like 400 horsepower”. So DaCobraman went out and found a motor which was Dyno’d at 400hp and the builder provided the results from the Dyno Test. So those were the two parameters that DaCobraman was dealing with when he decided to upgrade his Shelby Cobra to a new “Tuff Dawg” crate motor. What horsepower rating and torque specs would the motor be producing to put in his Shelby Cobra.

Now don’t get all crazy on DaCobaman. The Shelby Cobra that he put the motor in, is a Unique Cobra from the builders in Alabama, not an original Shelby Cobra. That would demand the Ford 427 Sideoiler or possibly a Ford FE 428 engine. Anyway, Unique Motorcars has  been building Shelby Cobra replicas for a very longtime now, since 1977. And yes, they manufacture one of the nicest reproductions of the infamous and legendary 1965 Shelby Cobra 427S/C Roadster.

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So along with this article you are going to have the opportunity to see how DaCobraman dropped this Bad Boy Ford FE Big Block motor into his Shelby Cobra and then you will also have the chance to hear and see this Shelby Cobra in action.

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Hope you enjoy the show of this Shelby Cobra receiving her new Ford FE 390 motor and watching her accelerate like there is no tomorrow. As a matter of fact, if you watch the video really closely for a few times, you can see her physically  accelerate forward. Listen to the motor and then following the roaring Cobra as she is launched down the road. Oh yeah, this baby accelerates alright. Hit the pedal to the floor and feel your eyeballs bounce off the back of your head. Now that is the right way to live!!!

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Cobra Kit Cars For Sale – DaCobraman Has Both A 289 & 427 Cobra For Sale

Cobra Kit Cars For Sale

Cobra kit cars for sale and DaCobraman are at it again! And this time DaCobraman has two Cobra kit cars for sale. One is the extremely popular and most replicated automobile in the world, the infamous and legendary Ford Shelby Cobra 427S/C Roadster. And although the Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster is not the most reproduced automobile in the world, over the last few years they have been growing in their own popularity due to a few reasons. One of which is the fact that the 50 Anniversary is here and that they have always been more nibble than their Big Brother, the 427 Cobra.

ERA 289 “FIA” Shelby Cobra

cobra kit cars For saleThis ERA 289 FIA Cobra is an amazing piece of machinery. DaCobraman loves the attention to detail on this superb build. A lot of extra work was put into this build over and above the normal call of duty. Outboard rear disc brakes, 4 Weber Carbs to give her that full race look.


cobra kit cars For saleAnd aluminum panels in the engine compartment, entire cockpit area and  the same treatment was finished up in the truck compartment along with a spare tire. Something you rarely see on a 427 Cobra build. And if you look closely, you can see the brake cooling scoops at the front of the Cobra.

Backdraft 427 Cobra Roadster

cobra kit cars For saleNow, if you are out searching for a Classic Car to buy and you desire to find some Cobra kit cars for sale, then you must at least see what this 427 AC Cobra is all about.  This low mileage speciman has only 1500 miles on the odometer and she is equipped with a Ford 351 Windsor motor pumping out 385hp and is hooked up to a Tremec 5 speed manual transmission.


cobra kit cars For saleThe original Shelby Cobras were equipped with a true racing engine, the Ford 427  Big Block motor, but those motors are rare, expensive and hard to find, so this owner settled for a Ford 351 motor. But as you can see in the photo, this motor is also a work of art and fits nicely into the engine bay of this Serpent.


So there you have it, two beautiful Cobra kit cars for sale. A small block example and a Big Block example of Cobra kit cars for sale.  And now it is up to you to decide which one of these Cobra kit cars for sale will be for you. Therefore, when you get serious about purchasing any Cobra kit cars for sale, go to Richard Winters, DaCobraman’s website at   or give him a buzz at 786 285-9747.

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Richard Winters is DaCobraman

Richard Winters is DaCobraman and for a very good reason, he is absolutely insane about the Infamous and Legendary 1965 Shelby Cobra 427S/C Roadster. So much so that at one time Richard Winters, alias, DaCobraman actually owned three Contemporary Cobras from Contemporary Motorcars of Mamaroneck, New York.

Contemporary Motorcars was one of the finest manufacturers of the Shelby Cobra replica during the 1980′s and 1990′s. Their goal was to reproduce a replica as close as possible to the original Shelby Cobra of the 1960′s. And that they did for many years until unfortunately they went out of business somewhere in the late 1990′s or early in the New Millenium.

Richard Winters loves these Contemporary Cobras because they are what is considered an “Old School Build”. In those days a large percentage of the Cobras being built back then were built with a lot of the original hardware, as well as, powertrain and transmission. We are talking Ford FE 427 Sideoilers with Medium Riser heads and Ford Top Loader four speed manual transmissions. These Cobras were also built utilizing the same 4″ Round Tube Chassis, just like the original Ford 427 Cobras.

So when Richard Winters decided it was time to purchase a Shelby Cobra replica, he wanted to buy a Cobra that was either a Contemporary Cobra or an ERA Cobra of New Britain, Connecticut. Both are great examples of “Old School Builds”. But when the dust settled and Richard Winters looked in his garage, all that could be seen were Contemporary Cobras, three to be exact. And all three had Ford FE 427 Sideoilers with Top Loader transmissions.

So the following is a short description of each Contemporary Cobra that Richard Winters, DaCobraman purchased and cruised the streets of Miami in.

Richard Winters“Da Chameleon”



Ford 427 Sideoiler with Dual Quads

Ford Top Loader Transmission


“Da FireCracker”Richard Winters



Ford 427 Sideoiler with 4 Barrel Carb

Ford Top Loader Transmission

Richard Winters“Da Green Monster”



Ford 427 Sideoiler with 575hp

Ford Top Loader Transmission


So those are the three Contemporary Cobras that Richard Winters owned. And those were the “Good Old Days”. Richard Winters never got all three Cobras out at one time, but on numerous occasions he managed to drag a friend out to drive the second Cobra to a Car Show or Cruise. But that is for another day to tell those stories.

Richard Winters

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Ford Cobras For Sale – DaCobraman Has Cobras!

Ford Cobras for sale and DaCobraman go hand in hand.  So if you are in the market to purchase a AC Cobra, then make sure you look up DaCobraman to see what Serpents he currently has available for sale. Because one thing is for sure, DaCobraman always has a line on a few Shelby Cobra Replicas at any given time.

DaCobraman = Ford Cobras For Sale = BAM427

And just remember, DaCobraman has been doing this for a longtime.  Cobras have been his passion and love ever since the 1970′s. There is only one car that really gets DaCobraman going crazy and that is 1965 Shelby Cobra 427S/C Roadster.  It is what legends are made of. The best part of the Cobra is not the car, but the history behind the car. That is what makes it so special. Knowing that the goal of the original Cobra was to take the “Ferrari Domination” down and to put a new “King of the Road” on the race track surface.  And boy, that is just what Carroll Shelby and Ford did.

Ford Cobras For Sale

So enough about all the history, let’s see what Ford Cobras for sale are available from the Broward Auto Mall and DaCobraman.  Oh and by the way, Richard Winters, alias DaCobraman is the proprietor of the Broward Auto Mall and many Classic Cars are also available for purchase on the Broward Auto Mall website:

Well here we go. DaCobraman has three Ford Cobras for sale for you to inspect and decide if anyone of them would be worthy of residing in your garage.

Ford Cobras For SaleThe first Ford Cobras for Sale is a 1965 ERA “FIA” 289 Cobra. This Cobra is titled as a 2006 ERA Cobra with less than 4200 original miles on the odometer and this Cobra is like brand new. She has a Ford 351 Windsor Stroker motor with 393 cubic inches and was Dyno’d  at 399 horsepower to the rear wheels while sporting a set of Webers carbs and a Tremec TKO 500 5 Speed Manual Transmission. This Ford Cobras for sale is not only nibble, but will push you back hard into your seat upon acceleration.

Ford Cobras For SaleThe next Ford Cobras for sale is a “White Knuckle” racer, straight line that is!  This baby accelerates like there is no tomorrow. And that is very understandable, since she is powered by a 700 plus horsepower engine. Just thinking about 700hp scares me while writing the description of this “Beast”. Her nickname is “Excessive” and that she is. This Cobra was manufactured by Everett-Morrison Motorcars. Oh, and bye the way, she turns the 1/4 mile in less that 10 seconds at a speed of around 135mph. Wow!!!

And the last Ford Cobras for Sale is a 2006 Backdraft Cobra with 351/385hp motor. The Ford Cobras For Salepower is transferred to a Tremec 5 Speed Manual Transmission. The current owner purchased this Cobra brand new in 2006. She has less than 1500 Original Miles. So if you are looking to acquire a Cobra that is just like brand new but at a nice discount, then you might want to take a closer look at this one. She has always been garaged and has  never been in the rain.

So there you have it, a nice over view of the Ford Cobras for sale that DaCobraman has available for purchase. And if you check back soon, there will probably be a few more that might also be of interest. And so that is what DaCobraman is all about:

Ford Cobras For Sale – At Affordable Prices

In closing, when you are ready to purchase your “Dream Cobra”, please think about the Broward Auto Mall and DaCobraman. Years of experience and personal ownership can help you in deciding what is the right Shelby Cobra Roadster for you.

Ford Cobras For Sale – DaCobraman Has Cobras

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